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    Create a global network of cities, institutions, industry and investors to work on a common goal of creating ‘Happy Cities’, which not only contribute to economic growth but also ensure mental, physical and psychological well-being of its citizens. Below are the six identified governing pillars of creating a ‘Happy City’:


    Built Environment

    Natural Environment

    Economy & Livelihoods

    Culture & Community

    Physical & Mental Wellbeing


    New solutions, new business models and financing mechanisms; modern digital technologies; and big step-change in societal behaviors are all required for the world to deliver on the Sustainable Development Goals as well as improve happiness of citizens in our cities.
    Happy Cities Forum; under the leadership of Amravati is a platform of the cities for the cities and by the cities. The forum intends to bring together global leaders, policy makers, advisors, industry leaders, citizens and drive discussions across multiple dimensions from strategy, governance, policies centered on well-being and happiness of city citizenry.


    Creation of a ‘Global Happy Cities Network’

    Creation of Centers of Excellence for key aspects of a ‘Happy City’

    Shaping the future of built-environments

    Shaping the future of mental & physical wellbeing in built environment

    Shaping the future of governance in existing and upcoming cities